Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loving Kindness, Dawn Smith RN

Dawn Smith, RN chooses rock painting to demonstrate Loving Kindness among her fellow nurses at Baptist Medical Center Beach .  Showing loving kindness is obviously a very desired quality for a nurse to have. We often use symbols as reminders for various things, so using affirmation statements and symbols is not a new concept.  In this art intervention the nursing staff is asked to paint a tiny polished stone with acrylic paint . On the stone they were to use their favorite color and a personal symbol that made them smile and for a second experience love and  kindness. Among the symbols in Dawn's group was a palm tree, family, faith symbol, sunshine, flower  and a sparkling gem. After the stones dried, each nurse was encouraged to carry it in their pocket as a reminder of the power they have in creating a therapeutic environment using love and showing kindness. 

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