Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loving Kindness, Dawn Smith RN

Dawn Smith, RN chooses rock painting to demonstrate Loving Kindness among her fellow nurses at Baptist Medical Center Beach .  Showing loving kindness is obviously a very desired quality for a nurse to have. We often use symbols as reminders for various things, so using affirmation statements and symbols is not a new concept.  In this art intervention the nursing staff is asked to paint a tiny polished stone with acrylic paint . On the stone they were to use their favorite color and a personal symbol that made them smile and for a second experience love and  kindness. Among the symbols in Dawn's group was a palm tree, family, faith symbol, sunshine, flower  and a sparkling gem. After the stones dried, each nurse was encouraged to carry it in their pocket as a reminder of the power they have in creating a therapeutic environment using love and showing kindness. 

Patient Artwork on 4th Floor of the Heart Hospital

Positioned above is the framed art work of a patient admitted for treatment to the Heart Hospital at Baptist Medical Center in downtown Jacksonville. During his convalescence, nurse Jamie Chiles offered him an opportunity to participate in an  art intervention at the bedside. This project was suggested  to ease some of his anxiety regarding his cardiac status. Jamie gave him watercolor crayons and watercolor paper. The blending of colors using a wet technique proved to be very soothing to the patient and awakened a desire to create more art when discharged home. Jamie became the recipient of the art piece, she had it framed and it is now on display in the Caring Room on her floor for all to enjoy. Keep up the good work!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Creativity in Full Bloom

Angela Fontaine, RN, BSN and her team created a beautiful Garden
Retreat at Baptist Medical Center Nassau.

Angela saw potential in an outside area which needed some tender loving
care. Along with her group of volunteers she created a work of art for
all to enjoy.  Thank you Angela, you have created a great place to
center your thoughts and regroup.