Wednesday, July 20, 2011

See the Beauty in Everything

Artist Statement

A recent experience in our unit was the inspiration for this painting. A patient we cared for suffered from a cancer which affected her outer beauty, leaving her grossly disfigured. The process of caring for her day after day, month after month as she deteriorated was a painful process. The night she passed I painted this and although I did not realize this at the time, I believe I was subconsciously processing this experience, perhaps grieving, perhaps paying respect to her and to the inner beauty which lies within all of us.
Katie Kiley Suggs R.N.

Healing Scar

Artist Statement

My journey of healing is represented in this painting, “Healing Scar”, as a mirror image. This scar, this healing scar, is something I see. I feel it. It speaks to me that I am a survivor. From hope comes life, believing in the future, beauty…facing our mortality is liberating. It frees us to live. Thank you for allowing me to share my journey and my healing with you as a six year breast cancer survivor.

Cheryl Collins, R.N.

Blooming Bottle Caps

Artist Statement

I believe this piece represents the idea that we are all different types of flowers. All though the flowers are all different when together they make a colorful arrangement. The same can be said when we work together to provide excellent patient care. We all have the same goal, providing what is best for the patient and family.
The flowers were made with various medciation tops used here at the hospital. The flower pot and background was freehanded and painted with waterbased paint.

Lorine Wilson
RN, 5A

Lorine Wilson, RN and Terri Russell, RN

These two nurses from Baptist South have invented a whole new concept for making art. They used multi colored throw away medication bottle caps from the pharmacy and recycled them into a fashion statement. Notice the floral arrangement added to their name tag. Yes its medication bottle caps! Hats off ladies!